Korean Series: An Escape to Fantasy

On our first date…

I believe our first date was the day he invited me to have Korean soup after seeing the movie, but he said our first date was the first time we went out for dinner after we opened our hearts. So the day I thought it was our first date, I was very nervous. I don’t know if my secret love is mutual. I want to see if he responds to my “hint”. I’m trying to impress him. impression . My soup is seafood sundubu which means it has a whole shrimp in it. I usually peel the shrimp to eat with my hands, but I’m not sure if this is the “correct” way to eat Korean soup. So, since I don’t want to be “weird”, I decided to leave the shrimp alone and put it in the doggy bag with the leftovers…

In the first few months that I was dating, my deal breaker was…

There really are no deal breakers, we waited a long time to be together, and when we started dating we knew it very well. My crush is so strong I think the only thing that could break the deal is to find out he’s either a drug addict (haha) or there’s another girl next to me

When I knew he was good for me…

In 2015, we went to his parents’ house for Thanksgiving, he was driving and his cell phone was connected to the car’s music system, so he asked me to pick some music. As I scrolled through the music on his phone, I realized that he is a fan of musicals. At that point, I felt I absolutely had to tell him how I felt (although I was still waiting for him to take the first step). We’ll be singing the Broadway musical for the rest of the trip. Later, over time, I discovered that we just have the same idea and purpose in life. We’re all clumsy and we all like the same food (I know it sounds crazy, but we’re all foodies haha). Aaron is One of the three people on Earth I think I can completely be myself (the other two being my mom and my best friend).

when he…

Mentioned that he is considering double eyelid surgery. Before I met him I didn’t even know this was what a man wanted. To me, he’s as handsome as he is. Usually, when I see pictures of men undergoing surgery, I prefer the “before” pictures. Even after many discussions I tried to convince him not to have surgery, he liked to laugh at me and convinced me that it would happen soon.

The three things I like about him are…

First of all, how much he cares about me…not just me, but everyone around him. Sure, this may sound mainstream, but Aaron is indeed the nicest person I know. Before I came to Los Angeles he hardly knew me, he was always able to answer all my questions about the school (trust me, there are many), he helped me find housing and let me connect with possible groups to join from UCLA. The amount of time he was willing to sacrifice for someone he barely knew made a deep impression on me. Later I realized it wasn’t just “me”. Aaron was always willing to help everyone and dedicate his time to everyone. people.

Second, I like that he is a good listener. Communication is very important in a long distance relationship. Aaron knows this. When I say there’s something I like or don’t like, I know he’ll remember it and take action… even the smallest thing. When we first started dating, I remembered how cute it was to be surprised to see him when we got to the airport. When I came to see him six months later, he was waiting for me with flowers and tea. too sweet.

Finally, I like his relaxed personality. I am a control freak and have to plan every little thing in my life. He is the exact opposite; he is a patient man who knows how to enjoy the present. Since I’ve been with him, I’ve realized that sometimes the most interesting events will eventually happen without you planning.


South Korean breakthrough:

Korean Drama, also known as Korean Drama or Korean Drama, is a Korean TV drama set in South Korea. Korean pop culture (also known as Hallyu/Halyu) and far-fetched plot twists made Korean dramas popular worldwide in the early 2000s. However, when PSY’s “Gangnam Style” swept YouTube like a tsunami, the Korean entertainment industry began to flourish. In addition, Oscar-winning Korean films such as “Parasite” have also promoted the worldwide development of Korean dramas. Korean dramas can go from extremely emotional to incredibly heartbreaking to “gosh, what’s that?” in the blink of an eye. This is why viewers keep coming back to watch more content. Like any other TV series, Korean dramas come in many different genres such as romantic comedies, historical dramas that promote Korean culture, office politics, family dramas, school life, and even horror comedies.

Korean TV Series: Schizophrenia During the Pandemic:

Fans around the world are fascinated by Korean dramas because they helped them enter the romantic “City of Philharmonic”. While Korean dramas are fictional and may never happen in real life, they are still things that you can believe will happen. In other words, this is a fantasy journey for K fans of all ages. During the ongoing pandemic, Korean dramas seem to have made the biggest breakthrough in India as more and more people have found extra time and a tendency to explore content to help them get rid of their fear of what is happening around them. For many young people, this is not only their favorite time during the pandemic, but also their motivation to learn languages.

The widespread emergence of Korean dramas has led to them being offered via streaming services and subtitles in multiple languages ​​around the world. Lotte Viki, the leading Korean drama streaming platform in the United States, has witnessed the growth of the Korean drama audience. OTT platforms such as Netflix have also followed Hallyu’s trend, adopting TV series such as “Good or Not”, “Entrepreneurship”, “Vincenzo”, “Crash and Hit You”. -The piece has been criticized for common themes such as love triangles/affairs or romantic love between working class women and rich people. Combining traditional values ​​with Western individualism and materialism will take the industry to the next level. Today’s Korean dramas usually show meaningful information to solve South Korean social problems such as school bullying, mental illness, corruption, classism, racism, etc.

Soundtrack and photography:

The main advantage of Korean dramas is that they emphasize high visual effects and aesthetics. In addition, the background soundtrack is the icing on the cake. Language is difficult to understand as an outsider, but the melody will definitely hit the chords. Even if the character isn’t speaking in the scene, the location, soundtrack and background will add such a great feel to the scene that the audience is expected to show up there.

The influence of Korean dramas:

The rise of Korean dramas has also played a central role in the promotion of the Korean language, culture and food. The influence of Korean culture has transcended the entertainment industry. At present, the shift from Western cosmetics to K-beauty has fueled the growth of Korean commercial brands such as Innisfree. Interestingly, the number of active Korean “Korean” students has also increased.

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