10 Korean Films In the 21st Century

A small number of fans who join World Cinema each year know surprising new works from emerging countries such as South Korea. As one of the emerging forces of global popular culture, South Korea has not only become the main force in the field of online games in recent years, but has also grown in the field of animation. their music industry has exploded quickly. However, these films are not all popular and eco-friendly (although they have managed to launch the silly romantic comedies they deserve), as a small group of directors began to influence not only those of us who watch movies from afar, but also the Cannes won the highest awards of the film festival and so on. For those of you who are completely unfamiliar with Korean movies, I’ve put together a list of the best movies from our Far Eastern neighbors in the 21st century. These are all movies released in the past 7 years that show the development direction and development direction of Korean movies and why you should pay attention to them.

My Wild Girlfriend-Jae-Young Kwak’s first movie, My Wild Girlfriend is a quintessential Korean romantic comedy. It is important to remember that in Korea, all young people have to serve in the military for a certain amount of time. For a country on the border of a communist country led by the mentally ill, conscription is necessary. Cinemas in their twenties therefore have a long tradition, whereby young people are always suddenly cut off from their situation and their future when they are in their twenties. This film captures this fear and delivers a beautiful comedy in which our agile, anxious young man can’t keep up with his energetic and uncomplicated girlfriend. The love story is very powerful: Hundreds of imitations were created soon after the film came out, none of which were nearly right, but all of them put cash in their pockets. As the first cross-border university era to truly enter the United States, it is currently undergoing an American remake (I beg you to resist).

Attack the gas station (and kick the moon) – here are two movies. Both are from Sang Jin Kim and both are great. I group them together because they have the same idea. And Attack the Gas Station was released in 1999, so it insists on this requirement. Anyway, this is a story about a young man’s youthful recklessness and anger, and Korean youth culture spirals out of control and strikes again. Four young people in need of money tried to rob the gas station for the fifth time and got into trouble. They were caught in a hostage situation, and hilarity ensued. The key to Korean comedy is that it will never be just about comedy. They will not forget the reality of the character and will not forget what will happen after the event is over. In this regard, it is very dry, but at the same time it is easier to be part of it. One of the defining films of this generation, and its sequel “Kick the Moon”, this is a film about returning to youth after this period and facing these young impulses for the second time, even if it is not so interesting. A better movie.

3-Iron-This movie is one of Kim Ki-Duk’s new movies, and right now he might be my favorite Korean filmmaker. His mastery of the subtle, faded tones of contemporary life is genius. This film is mainly about a young man who travels from house to house on vacation, breaks into and uses their house, and becomes homeless himself. Until he accidentally made a mistake and broke into a non-empty house. The sparse separation of this film is what makes it so effective. One of the development trends of Korean movies is to be able to step back, just show, let outside forces affect your life, and you don’t know where it is. I again attribute this to the repressive consciousness of my northern neighbors and the imminent danger they represent, but it must be ignored for day-to-day work. The main character here is like that. There can be a certain kind of shadow in a room with no furniture on the four walls, so that no one can see it.

Old boy-Going in a very different direction is the old boy This is the second part of Park Can Wook’s revenge trilogy, including sympathy for Mr. Revenge and sympathy for Mrs. Revenge. This is the best of the three, winning the Cannes Film Festival Jury Prize and attracting Quentin Tarantino, the king of American vixen. This is a typical revenge movie. It’s a genre in South Korea today, where Oh Dae-soo was kidnapped and imprisoned for 15 years, then released, and had 5 days to find out who did it. Park Geun-Hye knew the anger of.

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